maandag 11 april 2016

Urban Jungle Bloggers: Botanical Zoom

Today's post in English again
- internationally orientated as Lein is ;)

The March-theme (yes I know it's April already)
of Urban Jungle Bloggers 
is Botanical Zoom
or zooming in on your plants.
Another theme that's close to Lein's style -
you might find some botanical zooms 
elsewhere on this blog... 

For this post I looked for pretty details on my houseplants
and found a lot of teeny tiny growing and blooming details.

Look at my adopted seedling of the Pilea peperomioides 
after a few weeks


and after another few days

they unfolded
and at this moment
new ones are appearing already 
in the center
between them.

And these buds

turned into this

and this

in a week :)

This is my Schleffera

it has
cute babyleaves

And this cactus....
teeny tiny flowers :)

Are you wondering what makes them grow so well? 

What I love about cacti
(amongst other things)
the symmetry.

Isn't it beautiful? 
It looks like a mandala 
(click *here* for amazing images 
of nature's mandala's!).
You can find so many examples of this in nature!
It seems like some kind of masterplan.
For example the rings of a tree,


a spiderweb,
a snowflake...
In essence 
all circle-symmetry.
Ofcourse you can also find other sorts of symmetry, 
like mirror symmetry.
In butterflies,
or leaves,
or yourself ;)

I have been fascinated by these patterns since forever.
During my study of Arts and Art History
this fascination has grown
(I wonder if it grew symmetrically, in a mandala, haha).
For ages
humans have been searching 
for an explanation or meaning
in this phenomenon
and have also been searching 
for perfect symmetry 
(think about the golden ratio).
It has been connected with both science and religion
(and many more things).
Read more about this *here*

They often say 
the devil is in the details
but maybe in these details 
it is (some) god
and they say god is love, so...

Think about it.
All of this.
It's a Masterplan. 

So now you know 
why I am somewhat late
with my March UJB post...
I got lost
in the details ;)

And enjoy the details.
And the symmetry.
And the love.


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