vrijdag 19 februari 2016

Urban Jungle Bloggers - Jungle Animals

(Voor de gelegenheid
blogt Lein in het Engels)

Have you heard of 
Urban Jungle Bloggers?

to find out more about them.
In short:
they blog about the joy of greens
and started a platform
for other plant lovers to join them. 

Lein has been following them for a while now
(To be more specific: since their start)
(I know Judith 
the Academy of Art&Design
where I spent one year)
and last month I decided to join them.
Despite all the doubts and what-ifs 
(I could write a book about that)
I thought: what the hack
I love plants and i'm joining. 

This month's theme: Jungle animals.
Lein loves animals too :)

At Lein's place
there are plenty of them.

I could choose for the 
ferocious jumping tiger


or the dangerous black panthers
(Pippa and Dokus)
(pretty dangerous, right?)

or the giraffe and the monkey

Or i could write about the 
of having
pets AND plants...

but I decided to show you 
how truly jungle my home is
with real animals on the loose:

My beloved stick insects, or walking sticks.

They live in their home, 
a terrarium.

They live there 
and thrive
on the hedera leaves I give them
they lay eggs
and hatch
they eat
they grow
they lay eggs
and on 
and on.

This here is a baby :) 

Every once in a while
a tiny someone 
usually someone who just hatched
decides to 
take a walk (haha) on the wild side
and leave the terrarium
through some teeny-tiny hole
(I never find the hole)
and go on an adventure.

Off to the horizon!

Or to the top of the steep cliff cupboard

(that round thingy is the eggshell)

Most times
I discover them pretty soon
and bring the little twiggy 
back to his tiny friends
but sometimes....

...they find noms
and spend some time
on the loose
eating and growing.
Lein's plants don't always enjoy this...

If you let them, this is what remains...

But anyway
whenever I find one
I can only smile
and lovingly put twiggy back with his friends
and I keep wondering
which tiny hole it was this time, 
and about how they survived 
the prying eye of the ferocious big cats
(who would love a snack like this)
and how they found the plants
(quite a walk)
and I fantasize lots of exciting stories
about the adventurous walking sticks :) 

Walking sticks/ stick insects
or Phasmatodea
are quite cool creatures.
Because they walk the walk
They. Got. Rhythm. 

Hope I made you smile :)



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